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Take advantage of all our upcoming events

Come and enjoy the summer with some fun and exciting events by Leeden Wheelchair Lift and Sport. Our goal is to bring everyone together for a fantastic time. Our events in the past have always been quite successful, and we hope to continue the tradition this summer. The next upcoming events are the 18th Annual Days on the Lake at Bartlett Lake Marina.


You have three opportunities to catch this secular event so mark it down on your calendar. For more information, please Contact Us today.

20th Annual Days on the Lake

• Event 1: May 19-21


• Event 2: June 10-17


• Event 3: September 9-10 


*To register call 1-877-602-4111


Wheelchair La Crosse Train

April 16


* To register go to :

Call Leeden Wheelchair Lift and Sport and find out about our seasonal deals.


Visit our fully stocked showroom at 1704 E Curry Rd Suite 101 Tempe, AZ

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